Walking with Puerto Rico

Many of us saw the destruction to Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria in 2017. 

Puerto Rico Help Banner

Massive and overwhelming, there's still work to be done. We want to do something but not sure what or where to start. Scripture gives us guidance: "pray at all times." And so we encourage and invite you to pray. Pray for those who are still rebuilding thier houses and communities.

And yet, just as the bible also says that "faith without works is dead," many of us want to know what else we can do to help.  So what can you do?

1.  Donate to the Puerto Rico Relief Fund.

2.  Go on a summer 2019 trip to Puerto Rico. Finland is looking for three intergenerational teams to serve in PR this summer! Talk to the pastors or ministry assistant if interested.  Last summer, 2018, we sent three teams down to Puerto Rico to help in the rebuilding process.