Awe and Wonder - Sermon Series

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"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

How do we react to the "good news" of Christmas?

Are we excited? Underwhelmed? Indifferent?

 Just like those who first received the news of Jesus's birth all those many years ago, all of us are faced with the decision of how we will respond. How did they respond back then? Do we see ourselves in their responses? And what can we learn from their experience?

Join us this Advent as we explore the many different ways we can choose to live in light of the reality that Christ has come.

Emmanuel: God is with us!

 November 27 (8:30am/11am)   Pastor Kris Wint  Unsure  
 Matthew 1:18-25 
 December 4 (8:30am/11am)  Brandon Landis    Uninterested 
 Matthew 2:1-6 
 December 11 (8:30am/11am)  Pastor Kris Wint   Threatened  Matthew 2:13-23 
 December 18 (8:30am/11am)  Pastor Kris Wint  Offended  Matthew 15:1-28
 December 18 (6pm)   Pastor Gerry Clemmer   Astonished  Luke 1:26-45
 December 25 (9:30am) No SS  Pastor Kris Wint  Amazed  Luke 2:1-20
 January 1 (9:30am) No SS  Prayer & Praise Service   Worship  Matthew 2:1-12
 January 8 *No Services @ Finland *   CrossGen Retreat   Discipleship  Various

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