Word on the Street - Sermon Series


"Word on the street is..."

People talk.

And while sometimes perceptions are skewed, the hard truth is that often a reputation is earned.

What were people's opinions about the first followers of Jesus?

What are people saying about followers of Jesus today?

Join us as we travel through the book of Acts, taking a look at whether the same "word on the street" exists for us today as it did for them and considering how we might reshape our reputation to be consistent with the Kingdom Christ came to establish!

How do we live out the Word on the streets where we live, work, and play?


 May 15  Pastor Kris Wint  #Twinning
 Acts 4:13 
 May 22   Rich Longacre  Following Jesus Where You Play    Various
 May 29  Pastor Gerry Clemmer   #OnKey  Acts 1:14, 2:42-47 
 June 5    Pentecost Celebration  Prayer & Praise Service #OnFire  Acts 1:8, 2:1-39
 June 12    Pastor Kris Wint     #SayWhat ?  Acts 2:13
 June 19   Pastor Kris Wint    #HighKeyTea  Acts 5:28, 8:40
 June 26  Interview: Marv & Rachel Reinford    Following Jesus Where You Live  Various
 July 3  Pastor Kris Wint  #OnYourSix  Acts 6:13
 July 10  Bryan Cassel  Following Jesus Where You Work    Various
 July 17  Pastor Kris Wint  #Mayday !  Acts 16:20, 17:6-7  
 July 24  Carter Nice, Kaylen Kiefer, Isaac Wallace   Following Jesus Where You Go To School   Various


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