Religious Anarchy

Anarchy: a state of society without government or law; lack of obedience to an authority; confusion and disorder. Most people would not believe that a state of anarchy is good or healthy. That central, agreed upon laws are good and healthy for a society to maintain order by establishing what is and is not acceptable. Yet if we are honest, everyday we make decisions that show us to be anarchists.Religious Anarchy

Sure, most people will follow the laws of the land and the rules of our jobs (most of the time). But what about when it is no longer convenient or deemed necessary in our own eyes? If the speed limit isn't fast enough aren't we tempted to just go faster? Or if telling a lie will keep us out of trouble, aren't we tempted to shade the truth? 

What happens when we start living life by doing what is right in our own eyes? How does this effect us long term and what are the potential consequences.

Join us as we look to answer those questions by looking deeper into the book of Judges, a time when God's people had  no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes. 


Sermon Series -

February 18 - Doing what is Right in our own Eyes

February 25 - The Delusion of Doing Right in our own Eyes

March 04 - The Danger of Doing Right in our own Eyes

March 11 - The Depravity of Doing Right in our own Eyes

March 18 - The Destruction of Doing Right in our own Eyes

March 25 - The Unlikely King

March 30 - The King that Changes Everything

April 01 - The Resurrected King

April 08 - Living with the King