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1 : undeveloped, juvenile or childish.


As people, we can be immature in many ways: socially, emotionally, physically… even spiritually.

The reality is that all people either have been or currently are immature (possibly both!).

This isn’t necessarily something to be embarrassed by. Development by definition is a progression from one state to another, and the question really becomes if we are heading in the right direction.

What’s scary is that we can think we are mature, when truthfully, we are nowhere close!

But there’s good news: we can do something about it. Something that can take us from being immature to being able to declare with confidence, “I’m mature.”

Join us as we dive into the book of Philippians to take a look at how the possibility of embracing maturity can become a reality in our lives!



Sermon Links Below

October 4

A Mature Perspective Philippians 1: 1-11

October 11

A Mature Motivation Philippians 1: 12-26

October 18

A Mature Attitude Philippians 1: 27-2:11

October 25

A Mature Concern Philippians 2: 12-30

November 1

A Mature Confidence Philippians 3: 1-11

November 8

A Mature Focus Philippians 3: 12 - 4:1

November 15

A Mature Awareness Philippians 4: 2-7

November 22

From Immature to "I'm Mature" Philippians 4: 8-23

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