Hello My Name Is - The God Who Speaks - (Sermon Series)

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Have you noticed the many names of God found in Scripture? 

Did you ever consider their importance? 

Join us as we take a closer look at these titles, finding how they are most vividly revealed and personified in Jesus Christ and what implications that has for our lives!

 June 11  Pastor Kris Wint   Jehovah Tsidkenu - The God Who Makes Righteous   Jeremiah 33:14-26  
 June 18  Darryl Wallace  El Roi - The God Who Sees
 Genesis 16
 June 25     Pastor Kris Wint   Jehovah Raah - The God Who Shepherds  Psalm 23, John 10 
 July 2  Pastor Kris Wint  Jehovah Rapha - The God Who Heals  Exodus 15:22-27
 July 9   John Ehst   Jehovah Mekoddishkem - The God Who Sanctifies  Exodus 31:12-17
 July 16   Youth Group Service Recap    Jehovah Shammah - The God Who Is There  Ezekiel 48:35 , Psalm 139:7-12
 July 23  Pastor Kris Wint  El Olam - The God Who Is Everlasting  Deuteronomy 33:26-27. Isaiah 26:3-4 
 July 30  Pastor Gerry Clemmer  Jehovah Jireh - The God Who Provides  Genesis 22:1-14
 August 6  Allan Yoder  Jehovah Nissi - The God Who Gives Victory  Exodus 17:8-16
 August 13   Pastor Brandon Landis  Jehovah Shalom - The God Who Gives Peace  Judges 6:11-24


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If God speaks, how does He speak and what does His voice sound like?

How do we grow at hearing His voice and what are we to do when He speaks?

 August 20   Pastor Kris Wint  A Booming Thunder    Hebrews 12:18-28 
 August 27   Pastor Kris Wint  A Familiar Sound  1 Samuel 3
 September 3   Pastor Gerry Clemmer   A Daily Conversation  John 16:5-15


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