God's Will

When thinking of God's will, many focus on a hyper-individualized vision of thier future. What college should I go to? Am I called to a certain vocation or ministry? Who will I marry? Yet many experience these unanswered questions.

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Perhaps following God's will starts with being faithful to his revealed will (the Bible). God's will might involve a more communal and global vision. How am I living in godly community? How am I serving others? What fruit is God bearing in my life? What is God's message for me to the world? Follow this series to discover what God's will is according to the revealed word we have.

Sermon Series -

July 01 - Discovering God's Will

July 08 - Embracing God's Will

July 15 - Fullfilling God's Will

July 22 - Living God's Will

July 29 - Feeding on God's Will