Gather. Nurture. Make Disciples.

Finland Mission

Have you ever heard the phrase "keep your eye on the ball?" This is a phrase coaches and parents use to remind a player or child to focus on the ball. Don't get distracted. But life has a way of distracting us with busyness, opinions, hardships and more.

Is there a ball to stay focused on to help us navigate and how do we keep our eyes on it? We believe there is and that the ball is the gospel. So, what is the gospel, how do we keep our eyes on it and how do we help others hear about it and focus on it?

Those are the questions answered in this sermon series, "Gather. Nurture. Make Disciples." Turn to the book of Galatians to know what the gospel is (and isn't), how to stay focused on it, and how to lead others to believe the Good News and trust in what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.

Sermon Series -

September 10 - Gather to Grow

September 17 - Nurture Faith at Home

September 24 - Make Disicples as You Go

October 1 - Take Along

October 8 - Hold Accountable

October 15 - Build Faith

October 22 - Point to Christ

October 29 - Discipleship in Life