For the Sake of His Name - Sermon Series


God acted in Christ for the sake of HIS NAME, and calls His disciples to follow suit...

To act for the sake of His name where we live, work, study and play.

Follow along as we explore the book of Romans to see what this might look like!

 April 16  Pastor Kris Wint   Living in Harmony  Romans 1:1-7 & Romans 15 
 April 23  Pastor Kris Wint  Revealing Truth  Romans 1:8-32
 April 30    Pastor Brandon Landis   Justifying Faith  Romans 3
 May 7  Pastor Kris Wint  Cultivating Life  Romans 11
 May 14  Pastor Kris Wint   Fulfilling Love  Romans 13
 May 21   Pastor Gerry Clemmer   Abounding Joy & Reigning Grace    Romans 5
 May 28  Pastor Kris Wint  Freed by the Spirit  Romans 7-8:11
 June 04 

 Prayer & Praise Service

 Meditation - Pastor Brandon Landis 

 Good News for Everyone

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 Romans 10

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