Faithful Community

People long for a place to belong. God longs for His people to be the ones who provide that place for belonging. This sermon series looks at God's design for community among his people and what it will take to live it out. It will require honesty, commitment and vulnerability. Three words that are scary and risky but as we'll find, when we live them out one, they aren't as scary as we thought and two, the results are worth the risk.

Join us in this series as we uncover how to live in such a way that we yield to the encouragements, exhortations, directions and corrections of other believers in our lives. As we commit to faithful community, we will find strength towards faith, transformed lives and the ability to live out God's will no matter the circumstances.

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Sermon Series -

October 28 - The Required Ingredient

November 4 - The Necessary Atmosphere

November 11 - The Desired Aim

November 18 - The Proper Walk

November 18 (Thanksgiving Service) - The Essential Attitude

November 25 - The Vital Attire