Ears that Hear

Revelation. The last book of the bible. A letter from Jesus Himself meant to fill His followers with hope and joy and courage to persevere. Unfortunately, the book often leaves readers confused and lost in details missing this vital message.

Ears that Hear

In this sermon series, Ears that Hear, we will look into the first 3 chapters of this book, specifically at the letters written to the 7 churches in Asia with the intent of recapturing the message of hope and joy and courage to perservere. Join us as we seek to understand the truths Jesus was telling these churches and how they apply to us as we follow Jesus in 2017. 

If you need a message of hope, a message of joy or a message of courage, then study along with us.

Sermon Series -

July 9 - Hear and Keep

July 16 - Keep Him First

July 23 - Keep Faithful

July 30 - Keep His Words

August 6 - Keep His Works

August 13 - Walk in White

August 20 - Hold Fast

August 27 - Reflect Honestly

September 03 - Come Before the Throne