Deep Longings - Sermon Series (Advent 2021)

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We all long for more…

It’s a part of who we are as humans.

And this longing is only felt stronger around Christmastime.


Our longing goes much deeper than a desire for presents, parties, lights and festivities…

And remarkably, can’t even be satisfied by family, friends, or the joy of the “holidays.”


Where can we go to satisfy the cravings of our souls?

Is it possible that we find a savior who will make all things right… in a manger?


 November 28  Pastor Kris Wint  Hope  Isaiah 8:19-9:7
 December 5   Brandon Landis  Peace
 Isaiah 11:1-10
 December 12   Pastor Kris Wint    Joy
 Isaiah 30:1-18
 December 19 (am)   Pastor Kris Wint  Love
 Isaiah 40:1-11 
 December 19 (6pm)   Pastor Gerry Clemmer    Christ
 Isaiah 42:1-9
 December 26  Pastor Kris Wint  Tell     
 Isaiah 42:10-17 

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