Cries of the Heart - Sermon Series

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Despair. Frustration. Anxiety.

Many of us experience these but don’t know what to do with them.

Sometimes we ignore them. Other times we try to hide them. But there’s another option … pour them out to the LORD!

That’s what the writers of the Psalms did. So, join us this Lent as we dive into these emotions ourselves by turning to God’s Word and ultimately, bringing them before the LORD to let Him do what only He can… heal and restore.

 February 18   Pastor Gerry Clemmer  Crying the Blues  Psalm 42
 February 25   Pastor Kris Wint  If You Only Knew   Psalm 51
 March 3    Pastor Kris Wint    Was it All for Nothing?  Psalm 73
 March 10   Pastor Brandon Landis    Why Have You Forsaken Me?   Psalm 22
 March 17    Pastor Gerry Clemmer  Are You Listening?  Psalm 130
 March 24  Pastor Kris Wint  The King of Glory  Psalm 24 & Mark 11 
 March 29  Pastor Kris Wint  Good Friday- I Thought We Were Friends    Mark 14 & 15, Psalm 55 
 March 31  Pastor Brandon Landis   Easter- The Risen One  Mark 16