Contending for the Faith

Deception. God's grace being twisted into license to sin. Jesus denied as Lord and Savior. Worst of all, these lies were being told by people calling themselves Christians. It is these views that are refuted and brought front and center by Jude.

In his letter, Jude encourages us to contend for the faith. What does it mean to contend and what is "the faith" for which we are to contend? These are the questions we seek to answer as we unpack his letter together. 

Join us, to equip yourself against these false teachings which are still being spread by false teachers today and find out how grace makes all the difference in the world (and eternity) in how we contend.


Sermon Series -

April 15 - Receiving God's Grace

April 22 - Sharing God's Grace

April 29 - Grace in Action