Faith Integrated Life Groups

Faith Integrated Life (FIL) Groups are Finland's small group ministry. Our FIL Groups provide the setting where individuals, couples and families; people of all ages of our faith family can experience close-knit, Christian community.

We have many FIL Groups which meet on various days and at various times. Some FIL Groups meet weekly, some bi-weekly and some monthly. The purpose of our FIL groups is to come together in small groups for worship, encouragement, teaching, serving and fellowship or as we say to "Look Up, Move Forward & Reach Out." As we do this, we trust that God will cause our lives to become integrated more fully so that following Jesus will become the expressed purpose of our lives.

Click here for a listing of the various FIL Groups to see where, when and how often they meet. It also lists the FIL Group leader so that you know who to talk with if you desire to learn more about their group.

In addition to talking to our group leaders, you can also speak directly with one of FIL group coordinators: Pastor Kris, Alan Kratz, or Rachel Reinford. We would be glad to speak with you and discern which FIL Group would be a good fit for you so that you can begin to experience the joy of life in small group community!